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invite - Event management

Professional events with invite

Online instead of Excel: become faster and more efficient in your processes.
Easier for you and more transparent for your participants.
The package invite can be used to map the complete workflow of events.
Online booking
QR-Code CheckIn
Live Voting

The user experience is becoming more and more important.
The participants are demanding and want all information quickly available on the Smartphone.

With Invite you have the perfect event ecosystem at your service.


All functions at a glance

Event and invitation management
Planning and scheduling appointments, maintaining templates and inviting participants.
Online booking
Self service by the participant. The invited participant books himself/herself in/around or out of the predefined appointment options.
Admission control, CheckIn
Individual QR Codes ensure that the group of participants really consists of the invited participants. With a simple QR scanner and notebook you can use invite as an admission control.
CMS, portal pages
With the built-in CMS you can enrich the events with important information (e.g. data protection guidelines) and thus enable professional appearance before, during and after the event.
Live Voting
With the integrated live voting (through wote) you interact directly with the participants.
Feedback Surveys
Get feedback from the attendees a few days later at the touch of a button.

Deployment or hosting by container

Easily use Invite within your infrastructure: via Docker Container.

Within minutes, the Docker Image supplied by us can be started, configured and deployed. This gives you maximum control over your data. In addition to the use in your own "private" cloud, public cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google also enable the easy provisioning of container images.

Alternatively, the container can also run in our IaaS model.

Docker Containers are a lightweight way of virtualization and separate different applications from each other in such a way that they function without dependencies on the same server. This method has almost replaced the "manual" installation at the customer's site. It saves time and money and increases security and sustainability enormously.