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formgen - Online Feedbacks

Get the feedback done!

With formgen, you can create complex questionnaires with different types of questions and the appropriate answer options in the simplest way possible.

The questionnaires are developed and defined via a web-based interface: formgen admin.

formgen admin allows for validation and plausibility checks as well as filter conditions and offers all imaginable freedom when designing the questionnaire layout.

Learn everything about formgen at!

The generation and presentation of the questionnaire is fully automated via formgen. The results are stored in the database either personalized or non-personalized, depending on your requirements. valuation and reporting is always online, optionally as HTML page, with Excel, with SPSS or as CSV export.

formgen is a flexible and easy to use feedback tool for outbound or inbound surveys on the web, for quality management or employee surveys.
formgen was developed in close cooperation with our customers in many projects to what it is today: a user and practice-oriented survey solution.

  • 100% database driven (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • 100% Java
  • Dynamization of the questionnaire on page, question and answer level
  • Intelligent Object Caching for maximum performance
  • Validation and plausibility mechanisms and filter conditions
  • Percentage and graphical reporting of the survey results
  • Direct access to the acquired data of complete participants and dropouts
  • Template Engine in formgen can create any desired layout (CI)
  • Integration of multimedia (images, audio, video)
  • Exact preview function via server
  • Limitation of the number of participants and quotas
  • Randomisation, rotation and quantitative limitation of response alternatives
  • Response linking (Piping)
  • Conversions for most analysis programs
    (e.g. SPSS with automatic transfer of value and variable labels)

Simply use formgen within your infrastructure:
via docker container.

Within minutes the Docker Image supplied by us can be started, configured and deployed.

Learn more about formgen on the official site:

The feedback platform

Many areas of use
Employee survey, 360° feedback, customer feedback, learning target control, market research
On premise or cloud
Use on own servers or as a leased solution on demand from us.
SQL Database based
Clean storage of the data in a structured form enables traceability and fast analysis.
Participant management
Import and invitation management for participants via events.
Flexible integration
On the website, on the intranet, in the newsletter or by e-mail invitation.
Any layout
Every layout can be realized by customizable templates.

Customized workflow

Permanent and recurring surveys require an adapted workflow. This is where we can help and create a system that is precisely tailored to your requirements and interfaces.

Process steps and functions that are frequently required:

  • Participant lists
    The participants of data collections (e.g. name, e-mail) should not be imported manually each time but taken from already existing databases. For this purpose, rules such as "all sales employees from country A and B" usually apply. This group of persons varies per survey cycle, e.g. because the employee structure has been reorganized. We implement such integration and represent the history in a comprehensible way.
  • Invitations, reminders
    Invitations and reminders should be sent automatically according to certain rules and optimally personalized. Template management is a topic here as well as multilingualism and the assignment of languages to the participants.
  • Authorization methods
    Who goes into the interview and how? Open or only on the intranet? How do participants and backend users authorize themselves? Often very detailed topics, but the protection of personal data is essential because it is required by law. Therefore, mostly company-internal authorization methods should be used.
  • Multilingualism
    Are there translation processes and resources? Do you know the language of the participants? Should a language switch be possible? How is the support ensured? We can support you in all these questions.
  • Accessibility
    Access for people with disabilities is becoming increasingly important and legally necessary. Internationally, the guidelines of the W3C WAI and ARIA are a competent point of contact to which we comply.
  • Participant Reports
    The participant should be presented with a subset of the collected data. The possibilities here are as varied as surveys are. We have realized many of them already.
  • Automatic data deletion and anonymization
    Even if it is about data collection: "Unfortunately" data must also be deleted. This requires a deletion concept that takes into account all the general conditions according to data privacy and business needs.
  • Data export
    Raw and aggregated data often have to be exported to subsequent systems and processed there. File formats, methods and intervals must be clarified, interface contracts defined (similar to the import) and suitable test scenarios set up.
  • Data protection
    Cloud is comfortable but not the solution for all requirements. Our survey systems can also be used within corporate IT.
  • Survey portal and department self-service
    Survey waves, surveys and participants are often linked by departmental hierarchies in companies. Who actually sees which results? At what level of detail? A self-service portal should present the results to the departments in their own hierarchy. We implement such portals and make use of existing structural data.

In all these areas we have "best practice" procedures and the necessary expertise.