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Software development

Software for people and companies

We develop for our customers software for web-based data processing. This includes data acquisition and processing in the browser, modern user interfaces and analysis modules for data visualization.

From database programming, high-level language and database development to modern HTML5 interfaces or single page apps, we offer everything from one source. Our experienced team consists of selected software engineers, experienced architects and project managers. Together we deliver highest quality in a reliable time frame.

Strong basis

For more than 20 years we have been engaged in the development of database applications, web-based technologies and software for special applications. This experience is reflected in the existing software modules, which we can always combine anew in our development projects.

Test Driven Development

In test-based software development, automated test cases are implemented for each requirement. These tests run continuously in the background during development and ensure that every software change remains within the specifications and is compatible with the overall system

For you as a customer this means: shortened development cycles and highest possible reliability.

Incremental development

Our development process relies on rapid prototyping, an approach from agile software development. Since we mainly build on existing components, the first functional prototype is usually already available early in the project. Together with the customer we use this to ensure that our common understanding of the of the development goals and to close existing specification gaps.

The result is a high degree of maturity even before the start of test operation.

Reuse of components

Our software modules are proven techniques and well tested solutions for a number of recurring problems. These include:

Surveys and questionnaires, data collection in the intra/internet
Mass mail, serial printing of large quantities
Modules for Data-Analytics
Dashboards, Reports, Charts, Graphics, Data-Visualization
Modules for personal master data, transaction data, documents, orders/invoices
UX Design
Our technological competencies

Web Development
  • Design and implementation of 3-tier applications
  • HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, React, jQuery, Angular
  • Enterprise Java Beans with Glassfish
  • Implementation with Apache, Tomcat, Servlet, JSP and J2EE
  • Operation under Linux and Windows Server
  • Security by Design

SQL Databases
  • Database design and modelling
  • Installation and operation of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Performance Optimization
  • Generation of reports in HTML/PDF

As a development partner we can offer you these services

Through our work for internationally operating companies, we are familiar with the common methods, techniques and procedures for realizing demanding and complex projects.

  • Technology consulting
  • Web application security
  • Elaboration of studies and IT concepts
  • Feasibility studies
Software Development
  • Creation of requirement specifications/specifications
  • Prototyping
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Running the systems
Software Installations
  • Backend Systems
  • SQL Server (Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Linux Server
  • Windows Server
Operation / Maintenance / Hosting
  • Support during operation
  • Maintenance and ongoing development
  • Setup and operation of Amazon AWS architectures
  • Cloud operation for formgen, wote and invite