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wote - Live voting

Nothing is faster: Live voting

Web + Vote = wote
The fastest and most direct way of feedback: live voting.
With wote you can obtain immediate feedback from your events, evaluate and react to it.

The effort to define the votings is minimal and can be done adhoc in the event.

Mobile first
The participants simply need a smartphone to use the voting. Enter the event code or QR-Code scan and you are ready to go.
The participants receive information about the event and can immediately participate in the activated wotes.

Presenter Screen
The Presenter view can be used by the presenter/technician to display the results. The elements are organized as full-page slides and can be flipped through.

Live is live
wote is intuitive to use for all participants, stable and fast and thus ensures stress-free use in the field. Shortcut keys, sound output and responsive design are included.
  • Trainings
  • Events
  • Exhibitions (in Kiosk Mode)
  • for mood pictures and feedback

No Tracking
wote focuses on data minimization and thus increases the participation rate; nobody is tracked, everybody remains anonymous.

Kiosk Mode
The "Kiosk" mode allows the use of dedicated devices (e.g. iPads) for several participants one after the other. Ideal for surveys at the trade fair stand.
wote is available online as a subscription model or alternatively as docker container for your own infrastructure.

The digital interaction platform

Information sharing
With wote you are able to share all information about the event to the participants online.
Flexible question types
Single-, multiple answer, free texts, slider, NPS. Many possibilities and intuitively answered.
Animated reporting
In the presenter screen, the data is brought alive and the voting can be followed in realtime.
Approval process
Integrated approval process for voting content ensures compliance. E.g. for obtaining the approval of the works council.
Automatic data deletion
After a defined time, the survey data can be deleted automatically. Principle of data minimization.
Data export
Export of wote data directly out of the application.