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Cloud-ready enterprise applications

Cloud-ready Software for intranets and clouds

Our solutions can be set up on any infrastructure: on premise in the intranet or in the public or private cloud. This flexibility allows sensitive data to remain where it is best protected. Due to the multi-client capability and the browser-based administration, our systems can be used simultaneously for several company units with central installation.

formgen - Online Feedbacks

formgen is a professional feedback and data collection software. Mature, powerful and versatile. Our customers use formgen to carry out employee surveys, market analysis, customer surveys or to check learning objectives. Validation, dynamisation, customisable layout, online reporting and multilingualism are just as much a part of this as the sending of personalised invitation e-mails to participants.

wote - Live Voting

The fastest and most direct form of feedback: Live voting. With wote you can obtain immediate feedback from your events, evaluate it and react to it. Mobile first, presenter screen, kiosk mode, everything on board!

invite - event management

With invite, event management becomes child's play for a large number of participants: planning, invitation, online booking and feedback are combined in invite through a consistent user interface.

Software development

Standard is good, tailor-made is better. We transform your ideas and business requirements into a modern web application.

Simply use our fully configured webapps within your infrastructure:
via Docker Container.

Within minutes the Docker Image can be started, configured and deployed.